Additional Information

  1.  Can we call to talk to a birthday party specialist for info?  We can answer general questions over the phone but to book or any details/additions to your party will be done through the email from your request form. This way we can keep track of all parties as we aren't your average party center :) It’s much easier than trying to write down the awesome details of each call. The best and quickest mode of communication is to fill out and submit a party request form on the "Party Packages" tab and we will respond promptly via email.  
  2.  How are birthday parties booked?  Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis. We do not book parties over the phone for security reasons. Once a party request form is received from our "Party Packages" page, a party specialist will email you back with the availability. Once you are ready to book, a deposit invoice link through Square will be emailed to you with a small processing fee. Party time slots aren’t guaranteed and reserved until the invoice is paid and you receive a "RESERVED" email. A 24 hour period is given to reserve the date/time of your party due to high demand and multiple inquiries for the same time slots. All deposits are deducted from your total package price. Once reserved we will then communicate all party details on this email thread up to the day of your party :) 
  3. Can I come see your facility before booking?  Sure! Our home is 10,000+ square feet of creative space. You can come in during our open studio hours listed. If the kiddos are coming with you we do have an open studio fee per child :)
  4. What is your refund policy? All Tickets, Items/Crafts, and Deposits are non-refundable. Refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather, any acts of nature, or for any other reason.
  5. What if I have to cancel my party? The deposit is non refundable but we may be able to move your time slot to another date/time if it's available. You will be allowed to pick another date and time within 30 days of notice. There is also a $50 date changing fee. 
  6. Are the parties private?  Our Totally Private Package includes the entire open studio area private for just your guests and is only available Sundays or After Closing Hours Monday - Friday. Each other day we offer private suites for each party booked where just you and your guests do their craft, eat, and have cake. Your private suite must be packed and empty by the end of your time slot so we can clean for the next family :)The open studio areas that include the bouncy houses, separate toddler area, legos, play-doh, toys, chalkboard drawing, etc.. are open to the public. On a typical weekend our parties are small on average plus there is tons of space to eliminate the crowded feel. 
  7. What is the capacity of each private suite?  Each suite can hold around 18-20 kids comfortably. Seating is limited for adults in the suite but there is space to move around and open seats when kids play. If you plan to have more attending please email us for accommodations before booking.
  8. What time should I show up for my party?    To accommodate all of our parties throughout the day we ask that you & your guests not arrive more than 10 minutes before your party starts. Even if you are the first party we do not open until 10 minutes before. Each private suite will be available for you to come in 10 minutes before your time slot starts. If you need extra time to set up it's just $75 for 30 minutes. Email us BEFORE your party date so we can check the availability as we book parties back to back :)
  9. What is the schedule for all of your parties?  The first 75 minutes of your party will be for the kiddos to explore the studio, play, and complete their craft if they have one. The last 45 minutes will be for food/cake in your suite. Our staff will start cleaning 10 minutes before the end of your party. 
  10. Are the crafts instructed step by step? From experience over the years, kids like to use their imagination while painting so we encourage them to use their creative freedom. For canvas parties we do provide an image to help guide them also. Our separate canvas classes outside of birthday parties are instructed step by step. 
  11. Who is counted in the headcount for each party package?  We include the birthday child, any kiddos able to walk, babies being helped to paint, and any teens/adults who want to paint on their own. We don't include babies being held/nursed or parents assisting their child with crafts. 
  12. If my guests arrive after the activities section of the party can they do their craft?  If your guests arrive after the activities section they will still be counted toward your party. They will be able to either do their craft in the open studio area or they can take it home with them.
  13. If I book a character to come visit what time should they arrive?  All characters/face painters should arrive no later than 15 minutes into your party so they can complete their service. They must complete their service in the first 75 minutes of your party so your party runs smoothly :)
  14. What happens if I go over my party time?    We ask that you are packed and ready to check out at least 5 minutes before your time slot ends Any time beyond that is subject to an additional fee of $100 on up. We please ask that you stay aware of the time it takes to pack and break down decorations. We will also help with timing so your party runs smoothly :)
  15. What decorations are included in my party package?   We provide 3 white table cloths. Solid color options are available for plates/napkins and white forks are included. The first plate, napkin and fork are provided for each kid attending. If you plan to serve more than cake or plan to serve adults, we suggest bringing extra. Ours are $3 a pack. Cups aren't provided as families bring in water bottles or juice boxes. 
  16. Can I bring in Outside food for a party?    Yes, we do allow outside food, cake and drinks. Each private suite has one 6 foot long table for food/cake/etc.. We suggest planning your food spread according to this size table. (Extra tables are unavailable and most likely won't fit in suite) We don't allow alcohol, pan warmers, pinatas, ice cream. large candy bar set ups (small candy centerpieces ok) , and cups without lids. Most of these items are allowed with the Totally Private Package. We also suggest bringing a cooler for drinks. If you have food being delivered please schedule delivery at least 15-20 minutes before eating time and follow up with delivery status. 
  17. Can I bring in Decorations for my party?   Yes feel free to bring in any type of themed decorations (No Pinatas and hold the confetti and silly string please :D). We ask that families keep in mind that if it takes a while to set up it will take the same amount of time to break down and pack up. Please ask us if extra time will be needed and if the extra time is available before your party date :) 
  18. Are socks required to play in Bouncy Houses?  Yes please bring socks.
  19. Are Adults allowed in Bouncy Houses?   Adults & kids over the age of 12 are not allowed in the bouncy houses as their are weight & height limits and for the safety of smaller children playing. 
  20. Do I need to fill out a waiver to play and paint?   Yes all kids entering The Little House of ART must have a waiver completed by a parent/guardian and wear socks.
  21. Is your paint washable and non-toxic?  Yes we use washable/non-toxic paint for all crafts. Acrylic is available by request for ages 6 & up 
  22. Do I Have To Come Back To Pick Up Painted Crafts?   No :) All painted crafts will be dried and ready to go home once your party ends.
  23. Do you allow drop off for parties?  Parents must stay with children. No exceptions
  24. Can we open gifts during my party? Typically there is not enough time to open gifts during your time slot so we ask that this is done at home :)
  25. What's the age limit and how many kids can jump in the bouncy houses at once? The age limit for all of our bouncy houses is 10. Some attractions also have height limits posted near them. The toddler area is for ages 4 & under only. At one time we allow 5-10 kids depending on their ages. During birthday parties and open studio, parents are highly encouraged to keep an eye on their little ones to insure the safety of others.
  26. During your open studio service, are we allowed to leave and come back later in the day?   No, sorry there are no re-entries   
  27. How often do you sanitize your play areas?   We sanitize all areas periodically during the day and the bouncy house at the end of each business day. 
  28. What if I have more questions?  Email us at LittleHouseofART@gmail.com